Collecting registrations is an important part of your event planning. Forget external ticketing platforms for rock concerts that undermine your credibility. Instead, provide a powerful conference registration experience adapted to your most complex needs.

A powerful system that adapts to your event.


  • Build the perfect form with our intuitive interface.
  • Set the registration settings, like the registration period or participant limit.
  • See all your participants and the details of each registration.
  • Contact participants by email directly from your dashboard.
Features Highlight

Add your questions: text answer, paragraph text, multiple choice, checkbox, file uploads and more.

Separate your form in distinct sections.

Set the quantity for items that have limited availability.

Set a display logic to show form fields only to specific participants.

Select the dates of your registration period.

Modify your form along the way and let participants login to update.

Define the maximum number of participants.

Send custom emails to some or all of your attendees.

Search across all your participant data.

See all the information of an attendee in a glimpse: registration, abstract submissions, transactions and more.

Bring your virtual event to the next level.

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