Abstract submissions

Abstract submissions are at the core of knowledge events. They allow participants to present novel content and engage in valuable interactions. Managing submissions without the right tools is a daunting task. Avoid the headaches and get everything working smoothly from submission to the final program.

Rely on the best technology built for knowledge events.

Collect and publish great content

  • Create a custom abstract submission form easily.
  • Manage presentation types and collect figures, posters and PowerPoints.
  • Control submission dates and registration requirement.
  • Publish submitted abstracts on your event website.
Collect and publish great content
Features highlight

Build your form quickly using our default form template.

Add any number of additional questions to your form.

Define the presentation types (Oral, Poster, etc) that participants can submit to.

Choose the submission period for each presentation type.

Separate your form in distinct sections.

Publish your abstracts on your event website.

View all submitted abstracts and search your data.

For each submission see the associated data: registrations, transactions, status.

Bring your virtual event to the next level.

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