The leading poster session solution

Increase engagement and provide a successful learning and networking experience.

  • Built for academic, scientific and research events.
  • Integrated live video conversation rooms and Q&A.
  • Powered by a complete event management solution.

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The leading poster session solution

Powering events in top organizations

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Streamlined poster submission

Stay organized and collect content without lifting a finger.

  • Handle posters, figures, Powerpoints and videos.
  • Participants can upload their material.
  • Painless peer review.
  • Be up and running in minutes.
Streamlined poster submission

Publish ahead of the event

Get a beautiful poster hall published so participants can explore the content before, during and after the event.

  • Filter or search to find posters of interest.
  • Bookmark and upvote your favorites.
  • Explore posters and other material in full-screen mode.
  • Control who has access to the content.
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Publish ahead of the event

Deliver a memorable live experience

Let participants engage in live video group discussions directly within the platform.

  • Have video rooms without needing Zoom.
  • See at which posters people are discussing.
  • Roam from poster to poster freely.
  • Presenters don’t need to wait in front of their poster.
Deliver a memorable live experience

“The platform worked very well and I have received much positive feedback from the participants, both students and faculty. The virtual poster hall with video conferencing helped us keep the spirit of the event and provided the opportunity for many conversations between the participants and presenters. The "backstage" section was easy to navigate and did not require a steep learning curve to master.”

David Bird
Associate Professor - Mount Royal University

Increase interactions

Share screen Q&A section Private conversations

Share screen

Highlight key figures and results or share more sensitive material only on the day of the event.

Q&A section

Leave questions and reply in a threaded discussion before, during and after the event.

Private conversations

Communicate privately with presenters by sending them a message easily.

“It’s one thing to sell a solution and a service; it’s another to keep customers happy. I can say that Fourwaves rose to the challenge with excellence!”

Martin Guay
Faculty of Dentistry, Université Laval

Integrated to a powerful event management platform

Benefit from one single platform for all your events needs.

  • Beautiful event website.
  • A powerful registration form with integrated payments.
  • A call for abstracts and peer-review system.
  • Email communication and more!
Integrated to a powerful event management platform