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Fourwaves is a cutting-edge platform designed for academic events. It allows for a rapid setup of conferences of any size with unparalleled ease.

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Beautiful Event Builder

Create and customize your events easily with our intuitive interface. Use only the modules you need.

Integrated Abstract Submissions

Tailor the submission and peer-review process and craft your online program to ensure an engaging and interactive event experience.

Powerful Registration Module

Customize your registration form down to the finest detail, then integrate your preferred secured payment provider.

Built for All Event Formats

Offer a mobile-friendly program for in-person attendees and host engaging hybrid and virtual experiences.

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Enter any topic and our AI 🤖 will generate a demo event for you.

Integrated Modules for a Seamless Experience

Our suite of beautifully interconnected tools is carefully designed to both optimize your time and effort and delight your participants.

Event Website

Create your event website in minutes. No coding skills required.

Abstract Submissions

Customize submission forms and publish your content online automatically.

Registrations and Payments

Manage even the most complex registration needs through a simple interface.

Peer Review

Allocate submissions to reviewers effortlessly to find the top scored presentations.

Online Program

Build a conference program that's always up to date and that participants can easily explore.

Virtual Poster Sessions

Provide the most advanced virtual poster session experience in the world.

Trusted by Organizers Worldwide

Discover how Fourwaves has elevated conference experiences worldwide for academics and researchers.
I can only praise Fourwaves for their professionalism in developing this turn-key solution for conference management that allows academics to focus on the science of the event. I definitely encourage you to use Fourwaves.
Rafael Najmanovich - Professor, Université de Montréal
Rafael Najmanovich

Professor, Université de Montréal

Thanks for all the help with the AUGC conference, it was a huge success. Registration and abstracts submissions were seamless!
Deanne van Rooyen
Deanne van Rooyen

Associate professor, Acadia University

The Fourwaves platform has become essential in the preparation of our summer schools in biology at the University of Sherbrooke. I really enjoy working with Fourwaves!
Kim Gauthier-Schampaert
Kim Gauthier-Schampaert

Université de Sherbrooke

We had a very short time to prepare for our hybrid meeting and my frequent question-filled emails were always answered promptly with great detail. I never felt as though we were just handed a product and left to figure it out. There was a constant support presence.
Beth Slater
Beth Slater

Organization for Human Brain Mapping

It was very interactive and engaging. Fourwaves made it very easy for participants to access the posters being presented virtually.
Cláudia Mendes
Cláudia Mendes

Project Manager, University of Oxford

The platform is easy to use, reasonably priced and the support team is very helpful. We faced no technical challenges at all. Fourwaves is a pleasure to work with!
Randy Gollub
Randy Gollub

Professor, Harvard Medical School

Working with Fourwaves was a great experience from start to finish. The platform is modern and easy to navigate, and the team is incredibly responsive. I highly recommend.
Grant McKenzie
Grant McKenzie

Assistant professor, McGill University

We often use Fourwaves for our events. In addition to the ease of use, it is well adapted, efficient and above all very reliable. Fourwaves is the perfect tool to save time and succeed in organizing our events.
Pierre-Yves Savard - Coordinator, Université Laval
Pierre-Yves Savard

Coordinator, Université Laval

An easy to use platform that saved us valuable time with registration and printing the proceedings. The platform adapted well to the specific needs of our scientific event. Congratulations and thanks for the amazing work and the fast support!
Mylène Côté
Mylène Côté

Academic Coordinator, Université de Sherbrooke

I planned many Symposiums with the help of Fourwaves. They made it effortless. I highly recommend it for all of your planning needs.
Sylvie Lesage
Sylvie Lesage

Professor, Université de Montréal

It’s a wonderful tool, I don’t know how managed to do it all without it! Fourwaves decreased my stress level by 85% for our events. I appreciate the availability and rapidness to answer our questions.
Joanne Auclair - Administrative agent, CRCHUM
Joanne Auclair

Administrative agent, CRCHUM

Fourwaves eliminates all irritants that any conference organizer will inevitably encounter, i.e. managing registration and payments, generating the final program and name tags, managing the event website, etc. This is such an essential platform!
Nicolas Doucet
Nicolas Doucet

Principal Investigator, INRS

The Fourwaves platform is perfectly designed for a researcher who wants to organize an in-person or virtual scientific event. Everything you need is just there – you don’t have to search for anything.
Bettina Rausch-Malina
Bettina Rausch-Malina

Coordinator, University of Zurich

Frequently Asked Questions

Existing academic event management platforms are outdated, expensive, clunky or take forever to set up.
Ices. Our mission is to build the most comprehensive event platform, while also being the easiest to use and fastest to set up.

Fundamentally our mission is to help our communities connecting their members through events to facilitate networking and collaboration and spark innovation.

In 10 to 30 minutes, you can be up and running with your event online!

Our forms are pre-built with standard questions and you can edit or add new ones. Once your event is published, you can keep editing everything!

Create your event here to get started now.

Yes! The event website, registration and abstract submission modules are useful to plan your in-person event. For hybrid and virtual events we have a dedicated live app to enhance the experience with livestreaming and virtual poster sessions.

Yes! You can get started now and get a feel of how it works with our free plan.

Feel free to book a demo if you'd like to chat with a human.

While we can't promise you'll leap tall buildings in a single bound, Fourwaves may just make you feel like the superhero of conference organizing. Ok that's a bit cheesy.

Just remember to use your newfound superpowers for the good of academia!

Driven by a Passion

As former PhD students in bioinformatics, our experience in the academic world motivates us every day to find innovative solutions for academic conferences, but also to help research communities to:

  • Communicate the most recent research.
  • Enable constructive discussions & feedback.
  • Catalyse networking and foster collaborations.
  • Provide continuing education.
  • Create a vibrant space where ideas turn into action.

Committed beyond software to support research, we fund graduate students working on climate change research through a partnership with the University of Sherbrooke.

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