A Modern and Fluid Peer Review Experience

Say goodbye to outdated platforms. Our user-friendly software integrates submissions, peer reviews and feedback to authors in one modern conference management software.

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Your All-in-One Peer Review Software

Our all-encompassing abstract management software allows effortless peer review processes for organizers and reviewing committee members.

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Custom Review Forms

Ensure a precise scoring with custom review forms. Incorporate a blend of qualitative and quantitative questions to gather comprehensive feedback.

Assign Reviewers Effortlessly

Specify the number of reviews required for each submission, filter by topic and Fourwaves will evenly distribute submissions to reviewers. Enjoy the flexibility to edit or manually assign reviewers as needed.

Manage Reviews Efficiently

Track review metrics, filter submissions by score and communicate with reviewers. Manage single and double-blind peer review workflows and share feedback to authors.

Ready to Easily Manage all your Event’s Peer Reviews?

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Included features

Here are a few features you can use with Fourwaves to manage your peer review process.

Clutter-free Reviewer Dashboard

Assignments are neatly displayed in a dashboard specially designed for reviewers, enabling them to easily monitor the status of review periods and the completion of their workload.

Single and Double-Blind Options

Configure your review settings to prevent reviewers and/or authors from knowing each other's identities.

File Upload with Track Changes

Reviewers can upload a revised document with tracked changes allowing the submitter to make corrections easily.

Share Results with Authors

Decide if reviews are shared and what information is visible to authors.

Email Communication

Keep everyone in the loop using the email communication system to reach authors and reviewers.

Decide and Publish

Accept submissions based on reviewer feedback and share the content online with your event participants.

Simple and Clear Reviewing Experience

Reviewers greatly appreciated the abstract review platform, which was simple and clear to use.