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Fourwaves is a great interactive easy to use platform for small or large conferences. The team is prompt, friendly and very helpful.
Lani Hearn

Administration Officer, University of Queensland

It shows that Fourwaves has been developed for scientific conferences, it answers our needs perfectly. We love having all our events in one place.
Viki Rivière - Event management consultant, CHU Sainte-Justine
Viki Rivière

Event management consultant, CHU Sainte-Justine

Fourwaves is simple and intuitive to use, and the pages are clean and easy for our guests to navigate. I’m so happy we found Fourwaves earlier this year and have Fourwaves as an option in our event planning toolbox!
Debbie Yeh


Thank you very much for the simplicity and efficiency of your platform!
Amna Abderrazak

Ph.D. Scientific Coordinator

Thank you to the Fourwaves' team for creating a nice and user-friendly platform, providing very helpful online instructions, and getting back to my questions quickly. It was a great success and we eventually had 200+ oral and poster presentations.
Weiyun Lin

Ph.D candidate

I have been very impressed by the platform that meets the highest professional standards of academic events, and by the very personal support. I will undoubtedly use Fourwaves for our upcoming events.
Nathalie Grandvaux
Nathalie Grandvaux

Professor, Université de Montréal

Thanks to Fourwaves for the streamlined registration process for our event as well as the automated communications with our attendees.
Mylène Villeneuve Cyr - Research Coordinator
Mylène Villeneuve Cyr

Research Coordinator

Our event went very well. The Fourwaves system has worked well and I am very satisfied. What I appreciated the most is the speed of your responses to my questions!
Philippe Cardou

Professor, Université Laval

Fourwaves is now an indispensable tool for the management of our scientific events, no matter the size. The interface is very easy to understand, customizable and complete. The team offers excellent support!
Aline Dumas
Aline Dumas

Events coordinator, CHU de Québec - Université Laval

Our experience with Fourwaves has been fantastic. After our annual conference grew too large to manage by hand, Fourwaves' organizational tools and professional interface made putting on this year’s event a breeze. Our participants and presenters reported a smooth experience registering for the conference, uploading submissions, and participating in the day’s events. We especially appreciated Fourwaves’ ability to engage participants through asynchronous means as well (upvoting, leaving comments, etc). We are already looking forward to next year’s event!
Lorien Lake-Corral
Lorrien Lake-Corral

Associate Professor, University of Maine

Our undergraduate student research conference was tremendously successful. Fourwaves played a key role in our success. A terrific product.
Donna Thompson

Laboratory Technician, Mount Saint Vincent University

This is a very good platform to use for conferences because it looks real especially for virtual poster presentations. Keep it rolling!
Yomi Taiwo, PhD.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Many faculty appreciated the ease of the virtual poster session, it was really user friendly. Integration between Fourwaves and MS Teams went well.
Christine Campbell

Memorial University of Newfoundland

The conference was a success. I really enjoyed working with Fourwaves, it was easy to use and very straightforward.
Stephanie Gionet

Baycrest Health Sciences

Great tool for organizing a scientific event! We did not need to set-up an external website for our conference, everything is right here on Fourwaves, even the name tags generator which was a lifesaver!
Pierre Lavigne

Researcher, Université de Sherbrooke

Fourwaves was the perfect platform for our event. It was exactly what we needed and within budget as well. Participants felt registration and submission of their abstracts was very easy without any complicated steps.
Julie Amato

University of Toronto

Fourwaves’ help was invaluable. It makes all the difference in organizing a virtual event. We received feedback from participants who greatly appreciated the format and the platform.
Chantal Binda

Academic coordinator, Université de Sherbrooke

Our annual virtual day was a great success. Participants liked the opportunity of live video conversations with students in front of their posters. I received only good comments on Fourwaves.
Friederike Pfau

Project Manager, CHU de Québec - Université Laval

The Fourwaves platform worked very well for the meeting, and everyone seemed to be able to access it with ease.
Daphne Goring

Professor, University of Toronto

It went really well, the participants really appreciated the platform and its features!
Sophie Aubé

Teaching Assistant, Université Laval

I really appreciate the responsiveness and efficiency of the team. The platform works great, thank you again.
Evelyne Muhire

Academic Affairs Coordinator

The Fourwaves team combines know-how and interpersonal skills. In addition to providing a versatile, easy-to-use platform adapted to events organized by the research community, Fourwaves offers personalized support and exceptional customer service.
Amélie Forget

Executive Director, Quebec COVID-Pandemic Network

The event went really well! The whole organizing committee was very satisfied with the quality of the platform and the great service!
Samuel Malo

Chemistry Symposium organizer, Université de Sherbrooke

The poster session was a huge hit!! Judges, we were able to view the poster, short video and pose questions was huge time saver. Well done.
Gopal Subramaniam

Senior Scientist - University of Toronto

All participants were very satisfied with the Fourwaves platform, whether it be for the registration, the submission of abstracts and the virtual rooms. Thank you very much for your excellent work!
Asma Ben Hassine

Teaching Assistant, Université Laval

Fourwaves helped us to organize our event in a pandemic compatible hybrid mode on quite short notice. Service, delivery and communication have been excellent!
Roland Arnold

Principal Investigator, University of Birmingham

Our event went very well, both for the conferences and the poster session. Thank you very much and well done for your improved platform!
Andrée Lessard

Network coordinator

I loved working with Fourwaves, everything went well for the registrations and to work with the lists.
Annie Caisse

Administrative Agent, CHU Sainte-Justine

Excellent platform, excellent service!
Aude Motulsky

Assistant professor, Université de Montréal

Reviewers greatly appreciated the abstract review platform, which was simple and clear to use.
Benjamin Bouchard

Research assistant, Université Laval

Our conference was a great success and it would not have been possible without the assistance of Fourwaves. The organizing committee strongly recommends Fourwaves to all those who are planning conferences.
Calvin Yip

Professor, The University of British Columbia

Our event went very well and all our participants enjoyed!
Catherine Demers

PhD Candidate, McGill

The platform is superb and made the Montérégie Cancer Network improve greatly on the efficiency and professionalism of its conferences.
Chantal Keough


We recommend Fourwaves without hesitation, it’s an exceptional platform.
Chantale Bisson

Administrative agent, Research Centre on Aging

If you are thinking of hosting a virtual poster conference, think of Fourwaves.
Christopher Nzediegwu

Postdoctorant, University of Alberta

Fourwaves was amazing to help manage abstract submissions, registrations, the booklet, name tags and to promote the event. It helped us be very efficient in our communications.
Claudia Larochelle

Research professional, Université Laval

The conference went very well and everyone was happy with the platform. Thank you!
Cécile Berne

Research Associate, Université de Montréal

Our event was a success thanks to the services of Fourwaves! The team is very responsive and available to help as needed and listen to improve their service. I recommend 100%!
Hermance Beaud

Research Support Officer, UQAM

The virtual event with the poster sessions went very well. Really well done, the platform is very useful and very well organized. The customer service is excellent.
Intissar Abbaoui

RSBO Coordinator, McGill

An excellent platform that allowed us to carry out our event! Much appreciated by the team and the participants.
Jasmine Nadeau

Medical Student, Université Laval

Fourwaves enhanced the organization of our annual symposium at a professional level. The highly customizable interface saved us a lot of time. The support answered our questions promptly. Fourwaves was an essential tool for the success of our event.
Jean-François Sauvageau

Coordinator, Canadian Biomaterials Society

The registration process worked like a charm and Fourwaves saved me a lot of time over the past months!
Jean-Philippe Vézina

Professor, Université Laval

Our recent AUM that we hosted on FourWaves was a great success! Using Fourwaves for this event meant that we were able to handle the organizing work internally. It was amazing to be able to focus on the content of our meeting, because the registration, website, submissions, and scheduling part of it was so easy. Thank you!
Kathryn Janzen

Associate Scientist,

The platform is super easy to use and gives a professional look to our event!
Kim Santerre

PhD Student, Université Laval

This was the most interesting platform ever and I enjoyed myself as well as met new and different people.
Kimberly Rodrigues

Hawaii Island Community Health Center

I am very satisfied with how things went and the experience that the students and attendees had. From my perspective, it was the best virtual platform for ePosters.
Leah Dixon

Senior Specialist, ABRCMS

Fourwaves is the ideal platform to help support event organizers. Much appreciated by participants, it saved us a lot of time for the Journée Phare 2012, 2013. The team was very responsive to our needs. Very flexible and adaptable!
Marc-Olivier Frégeau

PhD Student, Journée Phare

The participants liked the platform very much and even said it was their best virtual experience for a hybrid conference so far. They were very pleased that we chose Fourwaves to host the conference.
Matea Krmpotić

Postdoctoral researcher, Ruđer Bošković Research Institute

The conference went really well, and the platform was a great help.
Matt McSweeney

Associate professor, Acadia University

Fourwaves saved us a lot of time. We will definitely continue to use it.
Myriam Talantikit

Administrative Officer, RI-MUHC

Our conference was a success, and Fourwaves really alleviated MANY headaches! We had an outstanding experience.
Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez

Professor, University of Toronto

The virtual poster session worked very well for us.
Scott Chang

Professor, University of Alberta

Easy to use and helps organizing the event tremendously.
Severine Van Slambrouck

Director of Research Services, Youngstown State University

The Fourwaves platform is very easy to use, simple, efficient and fast. It's easy to switch from a face-to-face event to a hybrid or virtual one. The support team is always available to answer our questions.
Steve Bourgault

Professor, UQAM

Thanks again for the great platform 🙂 I loved working with Fourwaves to manage our event registrations!
Stéphanie Blackburn

Clinical Officer, CIUSSS de l'Estrie

Virtual poster session was exactly what we needed for both virtual and on-site participants. Many have commented that everything was 10/10.
Vanja Blažinić

Research Assistant, Ruđer Bošković Institute

I was genuinely impressed by the platform. As a presenter, I was relieved to discover how easy and reliable it was to navigate.
Margaret Malone

University of Technology Sydney, PhD candidate, Managing Editor, Gateways Journal

Registration was very smooth – we didn’t have to do anything at all once it was set up. We are quite happy with how it worked out.
Natalie Goto

Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

The event went really well. We did not experience any technological difficulties either on the registration side or on the videoconferencing side of the event. We really enjoyed the platform.
Rosalie Kott

Lawyer and organizer - CISSS Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal

Fourwaves provides an efficient platform with a user-friendly interface that anyone can quickly learn how to use. For us, it was a lifesaver, it let us focus on all the other bigger issues involved in conference planning. Now I can’t imagine organizing a conference without it!
Lynn Kamerlin

Professor of Structural Biology, Uppsala University

Convenient. Straight-forward. Professional As the event coordinator, I have trust in the functionality and professionalism of the platform. Every time, our guests report that it’s intuitive and easy to navigate. Additionally, the Fourwaves staff have always been very courteous, helpful, and responsive.
Brieanna Wright

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

It’s one thing to sell a solution and a service; it’s another to keep customers happy. I can say that Fourwaves rose to the challenge with excellence!
Martin Guay

Faculty of Dentistry, Université Laval

The Fourwaves virtual poster session is an A1 alternative when face-to-face is not possible. In summary: I loved it !! The Fourwaves virtual poster session is an A1 alternative when face-to-face is not possible. I loved the interactions. I was able to talk to all the poster presenters easily from home.
Valérie Lavastre
Valérie Lavastre

Coordinator, IRCM

I've been using Fourwaves for several years for virtual and in-person events and I’m very satisfied. It greatly facilitates registrations, submissions as well as printing name tags and the booklet. The team is very dynamic and the technical support is always very fast.
Annick Guyot
Annick Guyot

Research Associate, McGill

Fourwaves undeniably contributed to the great success of our Colloquium, allowing us to offer all of our participants an interactive event of professional quality, at a more than affordable price.
Meghan Bergeron

Organizer of the 2021 Consumer Science Symposium - Université Laval

I really liked the experience on Fourwaves for the 42nd Symposium online event. I had good feedback from the speakers and participants.
Kapinga Kalala

Events coordinator - Neurosciences department, Université de Montréal

The event went really well and people really seemed to enjoy using the Fourwaves platform.
Anna Duron

Program Assistant, University of Idaho

The highlight was the ability to host live discussions in a virtual room during the poster session. The event site worked extremely well pre, during and post poster session. Thank you for your strong customer support.
Emily Delgado

Senior Manager - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Fourwaves is such a great platform. I used it for 2 events and both were so easy and I've heard lots of compliments from others, as well.
Emilie Brown

Coordinator, Youngstown State University

The virtual poster hall with video conferencing helped us keep the spirit of the event and provided the opportunity for many conversations between the participants and presenters. I received much positive feedback from both students and faculty.
David Bird - Associate Professor - Mount Royal University
David Bird

Associate Professor - Mount Royal University

We really enjoyed the use of Fourwaves. Thank you so much for providing this platform, it was truly a highlight of our virtual event.
Amber Leland

Deputy Director - Coordinating Research Council Inc.

Fourwaves was great for our Research Days at the Faculty of Medicine and affiliated research centers of Université Laval. The personalized approach and listening from Fourwaves are added values.
Louise Laperrière

Assistant to the Vice-Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

I wanted to thank Fourwaves for the impeccable and personalized service we received. The platform and the clear and quick responses from the team members certainly contributed to the success of our event.
Pauline Claude

Research professional, CRISPESH Research center

Thanks to Fourwaves, we organized our doctoral student day, with two virtual poster sessions. The discussions at posters were greatly appreciated by the doctoral students, we thank Fourwaves!
Marie-Hélène Berger

Research Director - MINES ParisTech

We chose Fourwaves because it was user-friendly and provided an easy way to communicate with symposium attendees. We also loved the interface for virtual poster presentations - it truly helped make our event interactive for participants and greatly facilitated sharing of research.
Nicole Perry

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Our symposium went off great! The poster session went well and people commented that it was one of the best platforms they've used for virtual posters.
Christopher Hemme, PhD.

RI-INBRE Core Director, University of Rhode Island

The platform is user-friendly and easy to use, including for virtual events. The Fourwaves team also offers unparalleled support. They are responsive and attentive, which greatly facilitates our work as an organizer!
Fanny Toussaint
Fanny Toussaint

Program manager, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre

I can only praise Fourwaves for their professionalism in developing this turn-key solution for conference management that allows academics to focus on the science of the event. I definitely encourage you to use Fourwaves.
Rafael Najmanovich - Professor, Université de Montréal
Rafael Najmanovich

Professor, Université de Montréal

Thanks for all the help with the AUGC conference, it was a huge success. Registration and abstracts submissions were seamless!
Deanne van Rooyen
Deanne van Rooyen

Associate professor, Acadia University

The Fourwaves platform has become essential in the preparation of our summer schools in biology at the University of Sherbrooke. I really enjoy working with Fourwaves!
Kim Gauthier-Schampaert
Kim Gauthier-Schampaert

Université de Sherbrooke

We had a very short time to prepare for our hybrid meeting and my frequent question-filled emails were always answered promptly with great detail. I never felt as though we were just handed a product and left to figure it out. There was a constant support presence.
Beth Slater
Beth Slater

Organization for Human Brain Mapping

It was very interactive and engaging. Fourwaves made it very easy for participants to access the posters being presented virtually.
Cláudia Mendes
Cláudia Mendes

Project Manager, University of Oxford

The platform is easy to use, reasonably priced and the support team is very helpful. We faced no technical challenges at all. Fourwaves is a pleasure to work with!
Randy Gollub
Randy Gollub

Professor, Harvard Medical School

Keep being amazing!
Karla Martinez Pomier
Karla Martinez Pomier

PhD Candidate, McMaster University

When I found Fourwaves I was delighted. Not only did their team understand the nature of scientific research events and poster sessions, but the pricing understood my academic budget.
Meg Hughes - University of British Columbia
Meg Hughes

University of British Columbia

Extremely easy to set up and intuitive. The support team is responsive. Participants found it easy to register and submit. I recommend to all my colleagues without any hesitation.
Katrine Turgeon
Katrine Turgeon

Professor, UQO

Working with Fourwaves was a great experience from start to finish. The platform is modern and easy to navigate, and the team is incredibly responsive. I highly recommend.
Grant McKenzie
Grant McKenzie

Assistant professor, McGill University

We often use Fourwaves for our events. In addition to the ease of use, it is well adapted, efficient and above all very reliable. Fourwaves is the perfect tool to save time and succeed in organizing our events.
Pierre-Yves Savard - Coordinator, Université Laval
Pierre-Yves Savard

Coordinator, Université Laval

An easy to use platform that saved us valuable time with registration and printing the proceedings. The platform adapted well to the specific needs of our scientific event. Congratulations and thanks for the amazing work and the fast support!
Mylène Côté
Mylène Côté

Academic Coordinator, Université de Sherbrooke

I planned many Symposiums with the help of Fourwaves. They made it effortless. I highly recommend it for all of your planning needs.
Sylvie Lesage
Sylvie Lesage

Professor, Université de Montréal

It’s a wonderful tool, I don’t know how managed to do it all without it! Fourwaves decreased my stress level by 85% for our events. I appreciate the availability and rapidness to answer our questions.
Joanne Auclair - Administrative agent, CRCHUM
Joanne Auclair

Administrative agent, CRCHUM

Fourwaves eliminates all irritants that any conference organizer will inevitably encounter, i.e. managing registration and payments, generating the final program and name tags, managing the event website, etc. This is such an essential platform!
Nicolas Doucet
Nicolas Doucet

Principal Investigator, INRS

The Fourwaves platform is perfectly designed for a researcher who wants to organize an in-person or virtual scientific event. Everything you need is just there – you don’t have to search for anything.
Bettina Rausch-Malina
Bettina Rausch-Malina

Coordinator, University of Zurich

It's the simplest and most pleasant platform we've worked with, especially for conference-style events.
Karine Gélinas


We use Fourwaves for registrations and it has been well received by participants and its features have been helpful in organizing our registrant data. We appreciate all the help Fourwaves has continued to provide us.
Navroop Gosal

Assistant Program Co-ordinator, McMaster University

I can't express enough how much we've enjoyed our experience with FourWaves. The service - as well as the functionality of the platform are top notch.
Briana Hamilton
Briana Hamilton

Canadian Parks, Protected and Conserved Areas Leadership Collective (CPPCL)

I love using Fourwaves and really appreciate the team's fast and friendly customer service.
Maude Susset

Project manager, University mission on geriatrics and aging, IUGM

We have been using Fourwaves for 4 years, for small and international conferences. It is perfectly suited for scientific events and highly appreciated for the peer-review module, essential in managing our poster competition. It saves a lot of time, and receives praise from both participants and the scientific committee for its reliability and quick support. Excellent service and an indispensable tool!
Marie-Louise Tremblay

Coordinator, Aluminum Research Center (REGAL)

Fourwaves is a brilliant platform for hybrid conferencing and it can be easily adapted for educational learning and training activities. I am loving fourwaves, and thank the team for working with us!
Udunna Anazodo
Udunna Anazodo, PhD.

Assistant Professor, McGill University

A big thanks to FourWaves for helping to make the ABRCMS ePoster Spring Symposium a big success!
Jan Kang

Senior Education Specialist, ABRCMS