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Online platform for virtual poster sessions: How it works

Matthieu Chartier, PhD.
Matthieu Chartier, PhD.

Published on 02 Sep 2022

Many event platforms have developed new virtual tools in the wake of the pandemic. Most of these tools are essentially the same: they allow the broadcasting of speakers, a chat, asking questions, and conducting live polls.

Not much has been developed to organize virtual poster sessions. Why?

First, event platforms are not specialized in scientific events and therefore are not familiar with the concept of poster sessions.

Second, poster sessions takes 5-10% of the time at an in-person event, while oral presentations often take the rest. So it doesn't seem very important at first.

Third, developing tools for an interactive, engaging and easy-to-use poster session is not a simple task and requires some technological prowess.

The outcome is very few online softwares exist to help organize and deliver engaging virtual poster sessions.

Our approach is different

First, Fourwaves is specialized in scientific events. We organized and attended numerous events as former PhD students and know how poster sessions are fun and important moments. They allow to:

  • Get constructive feedback from other participants and judges;
  • Practice communicating your research;
  • Network, find new ideas to advance your project
  • Forge new collaborations between labs;

Second, conversations between participants are super important to make your event more engaging and poster sessions allows that! People want to talk to each other, not spend the whole day listening to speakers. In our view, poster sessions are one of the most important moments of your virtual or hybrid event!

Finally, we saw this technological challenge as an opportunity to innovate and build something new that scientific and academic events could leverage to make events more interactive.

How it works

Online posters submission and management

Our powerful integrated abstract management solution allows you to collect all poster data.

A submission can be published with:

  • A title, a┬álist of authors and their affiliations;
  • An abstract;
  • Figures (each with a title and description);
  • A Powerpoint (with audio);
  • Full-screen poster (image or PDF format)
  • A video (hosted on Fourwaves - no need for Youtube)
  • Any other information.

Open access to posters

Participants can search and view posters before and indefinitely after the event. You can add custom filters easily.

Integrated video solution

The platform supports live video conversations integrated in Fourwaves for each poster (you don't need Zoom or any other external streaming tool).

Fast set up

It is super easy to set up and you don't need to create individual rooms for each poster.

A productive user experience

Presenters don't need to wait at their poster all day, they can browse other posters. When someone calls them, they're notified and can join the conversation. This way they make the most of their poster session!

Also, participants see in front of which posters there are ongoing conversations and can join or call a presenter.

Unlimited posters and participants

There is no limit in terms of submissions or the number of participants who can join the live event. There can be up to 12 participants in a video conversation and up to 250 listeners in front of a poster. They can interact via the live chat.

Laser pointer

Presenters can use the laser pointer feature allowing to present their poster without needing to share their screen.

Easy screen sharing

Presenters can share their screen during the video conversation to point at specific sections of the poster or go through a more formal presentation with a PowerPoint. They can also share a local application on their computer.

Video presentation

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