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Station1 is Paving a Pathway of Opportunity through Socially-Directed Science and Technology

Matthieu Chartier, PhD.
Matthieu Chartier, PhD.

Published on 26 Oct 2021


Founded in 2016, Station1 is a leading national nonprofit organization that is paving a pathway of opportunity through a new inclusive, asset-based, and innovative model of learning - socially-directed science and technology. 

Based upon pillars, such as diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice this model integrates science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with humanistic fields and the social sciences in order to interrogate, understand, and shape technologically-driven societal impact. The initiative aims to create more equitable, just, ethical, and sustainable outcomes. 

Core to the Station1 initiative is also to broaden participation for students of color, those from low-income households, and those who are first-generation college students. To advance his mission, Station1 designs and delivers transformative education, research, and inventive programs and leads multi-institutional impact activities. 

Fourwaves is proud to partner with Station1 to support advances in education and research to make a positive impact on society.

STEM pathway

Socially-Directed Science and Technology

Station1 Frontiers Fellowship

Unique in the world, the flagship Station1 Frontiers Fellowship (SFF) is a prestigious, fully funded ten-week summer experience for undergraduate students. It includes an exciting research internship in emerging areas of science and technology, a cross-interdisciplinary shared curriculum on socially-directed science and technology, and personal and professional advancement activities. 

SFF 2021 was held for the first time in a fully virtual format with students participating remotely. It focused on emerging fields, such as biotechnology and public health, geographic and information systems, data for civic, environmental, and business impacts, and sustainability of next-generation infrastructure.

The SFF culminated with a capstone event and its research poster presentation on August 13th, 2021, and marked an important milestone in a transformational learning journey for the Station1 Fellows. Thanks to the virtual poster presentations, hosted on the Fourwaves platform, Station1 Fellows gained valuable professional experience when presenting their research and engaging with guests from across the research community including academia, industry, philanthropy, and non-profit organizations. All the presentations are still available on Fourwaves.

Station1 Fellows undergo a transformative academic, professional, and personal experience. With a 100% program completion rate, the SFF has resulted in exceptional outcomes. Station1 Fellows have been offered additional prestigious research internships, obtained permanent offers of employment in leading science and technology organizations, and been accepted to graduate programs in their respective fields. 

Organizing a Virtual Conference

Station1 leveraged many opportunities offered by our virtual conference platform. Taking advantage of new online technologies, Station1 was able to include guest instructors with deep expertise in areas related to socially-directed science and technology from around the world. Online event tools such as virtual poster presentations supported participants’ learning and generated diverse internship participation, with interns from diverse locations. This opened up possibilities for research in a broader range of emergent fields. 

In the selection and use of a conference platform, Station1 carefully considered the increased complexity of logistics when planning their virtual scientific event. Foremost, Station1 aimed to foster inclusive relationships and community building in the virtual environments, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience for participants.

Topics of STEM internships

Fourwaves: Innovative online platform for Hybrid Events

Screenshot of features on Fourwaves

Fourwaves provided Station1 with a cutting-edge virtual conference platform for the Station1 Frontiers Fellowship (SFF) 2021 capstone event. The solution supported students to meaningfully engage in socially-directed science and technology. 

Station1 reported that some of the functionalities that made Fourwaves stand out were the user interface experience allowing participants to read abstracts before clicking on the poster presentations, the ability to see presenters, and the option of screen sharing as well as the flexibility to accommodate an unlimited number of research posters. Station1 also valued the notification that alerts presenters when an attendee would like to discuss the presentation so that presenters can also participate in other presentations or have a glance at other scientific posters. 

Station1 wanted to be able to export all the event data for archival purposes, in order to learn from and enhance interaction and inclusion in future virtual academic conferences, something that Fourwaves was happy to provide.

“Fourwaves stood out the most among competitors due to the interest in our mission and desire to partner together to support one another well. Being able to use a platform and have a relationship with the organization is invaluable, and was not something that other competitors were interested in.” 

— Sallie Best, Program Assistant at Station1 

Fourwaves is dedicated to the promotion of science and knowledge through high-impact online, hybrid, and in-person academic conferences. We offer an all-in-one conference management software with unique virtual poster presentations so that organizers, fellows, and researchers at Station1 can focus on what they do best: create opportunities for high potential students to thrive in science and technology.

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