Organize a Virtual Poster Session

Collect abstracts and e-posters, publish them online and get participants to engage in video conversations. Help your participants advance their research project, forge new collaborations in a memorable online experience.

A unique virtual experience.

Showcase presentations with e-posters, figures and more

  • Publish your content ahead of the event to get attendees prepared
  • Search by keyword to find the most relevant presentations
  • Filter by tracks, topics or any other category
  • Visualize the abstract, figures with a description, the e-poster and attached slides
Showcase presentations with e-posters, figures and more

Start insigthful video conversations at a poster

  • Roam poster to poster
  • See which posters have ongoing conversations and join them
  • Ask your questions live to the presenter in a video conversation
  • Share your screen to others for more context
Start insigthful video conversations at a poster
Features highlight

Showcase all submitted abstracts on your event website automatically.

Go in full screen mode or minimize the conversation to focus on the content

Share your screen to point specific areas of the poster or figures.

Participants can search by keyword and filter by topics.

Participants can explore a poster, its attached figures and a PowerPoint online.

Up to 8 participants can discuss in a video conversation while looking at the poster’s content.

Participants can see which posters have an ongoing conversation and join the discussion.

Split your virtual poster session into different time slots over several days.

All conversations are encrypted end-to-end with the AES-256 standard.

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