Product Updates Spring 2023

April 28 2023 Friday, April 28, 2023 Product updates

Matthieu Chartier, PhD.
Matthieu Chartier, PhD.

Founder @ Fourwaves

Here are some product updates!

Color-Coded Session Tracks

You can now create color-coded tracks and tag your sessions. Participants will be able to easily find session that match their topics of interest.

Color-Coded Tracks

Color-Coded Session tracks in your event schedule.

Private Messaging Between Participants

This new feature will make communications easier during events and increase networking.

The Fourwaves Live app now features private messaging, so participants can contact each other to discuss their work, answer questions in private, or book a meeting together to spark collaborations.

Private messaging

Event Website Sub-Menus

A well designed event website help attendees find the information they need at the right time and provides a professional impression which will help you get sponsors!

Event websites on Fourwaves, including events on the free plan, have 6 website pages (home, registration, submission, schedule, participant, presentations).

The full website add-on use to allow 5 additional custom website pages. Now you can add unlimited pages and sub-menus!


Create a sub-menu to better organize your website pages.

To add a sub-menu, go to Website pages -> Edit menu and click on Create a sub-menu.

Create sub-menu

👉 Let us show you

Accordion Content Block

The Accordion content block allows you to add clickable items that expand with a paragraph text. You can use this for anything you like for example a FAQ section!

Keep your website packed with relevant information while keeping it nicely organized.

Use the accordion content block to create sections like a FAQ on your event website.

Logos Content Block

Getting sponsors is super important for conferences. We released a new Logo content block to make it more simple to highlight your sponsors contribution!

You can choose from small, medium or large sizes.

Sponsor logos

The sponsors section (Configuration -> Sponsors) was removed and all original sponsor logos were migrated to the new content block automatically!

We also added a thumbnail to identify them as you build your website pages.

Logos Content Block

The logo thumbnails help you see which logos you're editing.

Conflict checker

The conflict checker is very useful if you want to quickly spot presentations from the same presenter schedule in overlapping times!

In your dashboard, you'll see this new statistic. Click on it to see which presentations are in a schedule conflict and reschedule them.

Presentations in schedule conflict

See the presentations in a schedule conflict directly in your event dashboard.

New email variables

If you need a participant or an author to edit their registration or submission form, you can now insert a link to the form directly in the emails sent from Fourwaves.

Upon clicking the link, the participant or author will need to login and will be redirected directly to the form.

Email Variables

Autonomous use of the free plan

You can now unlock your own events with the free plan in a 100% autonomous way without speaking to a member of our team!

Free plan checkout

Choose the free plan at the checkout page.

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